homatropine and hydrocodone. Generic Name: homatropine and hydrocodone (HOM a TROE peen and HYE dro KOE done) Brand names: Hycodan, Hydromet, Tussigon, Hydrotropine .

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Money's guide to 401(k)'s includes information on how to invest in a 401(k), early withdrawals and 401k loans. Taxes undermine our ability to hydrocod hom 5-1.5 5 syp morton gro grow our wealth and .

Question: [ Add this to my watchList ] i have kidney failure and i was perscribe a cough medicine before, for a cough its called hydrocod/hom 5-1.5/5syp morton gro .

Is hydrocod/hom 5-1. 5 a narcotic? ChaCha Answer: Yes. Hydrocodone w/ Homatropine Syrup 5-1.5 is a narcotic cough suppressant and ant.

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hydrocod hom 5-1.5 5 syp morton gro

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